West Tennessee Hearing & Speech Center Staff

Our History. . . Serving West Tennessee since 1953.

Since 1953, The West Tennessee Hearing and Speech Center, a non-profit, 501c(3) agency, has served our area to enrich the lives of all West Tennesseans who are in need of hearing and speech services. The center is dedicated to providing evaluations and treatment for children and adults with speech, language, swallowing and hearing problems. Our highly qualified professionals set the standard for compassion, respect, and quality practice in our area, creating a better life for our patients and their families by helping them communicate and connect with the surrounding world.  We believe that with proper treatment, most people with communication and hearing disorders can lead full and productive lives.

Our Purpose. . . Offering a better life for those in need.

At West Tennessee Hearing and Speech Center, our medically trained professionals are dedicated to providing an affordable, family-centered approach to achieving your hearing and communication goals.

We do much more than just perform hearing tests and dispense hearing aids. We are a medical facility, dedicated to meeting all of the communication needs of our patients. Also, because hearing and speech problems affect more than just the individual, we strive to involve the entire family in the treatment process, educating them and supporting them to help the patient.

Our Vision. . . Enrichment, respect, service, and education.

The West Tennessee Hearing and Speech Center provides personal, individualized treatment for hearing and speech services to individuals of all ages, abilities, walks of life and backgrounds.

The highly qualified professionals at West Tennessee Hearing and Speech Center are sensitive and responsive to clients' needs and act as a resource for parents and caregivers on how to provide support to clients at home, as well as in the community.

We continually look for opportunities to give back to the West Tennessee community by seeking out sources of funding for those who are in need of services and unable to pay.

The West Tennessee Hearing and Speech Center serves as a resource for the college community in West Tennessee by teaching and mentoring students who are pursuing a career in Speech and Hearing.