Hearing Aid Adjustments

With the purchase of your new hearing device you will receive three additional adjustments at no charge. Our audiologists will encourage you to return for these appointments in order to receive the greatest benefit from your aids. Any other adjustments may be scheduled as needed for a reasonable fee.

What to expect during a hearing aid adjustment.

New fitting adjustments:
All patient's that purchase a hearing aid at the Center that pay our dispense fee receive 2 adjustments to perfect the settings of their hearing aids.

First adjustments: 
Increase overall gain of hearing aids to 90% of patient's target hearing prescription.

  • Address any concerns or issues the patient has experienced during the first 2 weeks of hearing aid wear. This is when personalized memories/programs or volume control will be implemented so that the patient is able to listen in their everyday environments appropriately.
  • Retraining and demonstration of hearing aid care and maintenance.

Second Adjustments:

  • Increase overall gain of hearing aids to 100% of the patient's hearing prescription.
  • If there are any continued concerns or issues the clinician will address and resolve them.
  • Clean the hearing aids and review any maintenance questions.

Annual Hearing Aid Adjustments:

  • It is recommended by the FDA that individuals with a hearing loss get annual hearing evaluations to monitor shifts in hearing. When the patient comes in for these appointments we will schedule an adjustment to make sure that your hearing aid setting remain current with your hearing loss for the best hearing experience available.
  • Hearing aids are professionally cleaned and parts are replaced.

Anytime adjustments:

  • Address issues and concerns that the patient has by either exchanging parts with a different size or material or make changes to hearing aid personal settings for optimum listening in the patient's environments.
  • Hearing aids are professionally cleaned and parts are replaced.